Welcome To The 212 Club!



To Our 212 Club Members,

212 Club – New location. The Board of Directors has made the decision on our new location. The address is 207 East Pitman Street, O’Fallon, Mo. Essentially its the other end of Pitman Street. The owner has accepted our purchase offer, so next steps are surveys, etc. We will not move until we can and be functional at the new location of 207 East Pitman Street.

The 212 Club Board of Directors

Our Founding

Original 12 Step Programs In St. Louis

Our founders saw the need for a place in the O’Fallon, Missouri USA area that could host 12 step meetings any time and day of the week. A place where people seeking recovery could find it in a location devoted to just that. The club would foster new friendships and organize activities to support recovering people and their families in their new life free from their addiction.

About Us

The 212 Club was established in 1992. We are a 12 step clubhouse. We offer meeting space to those in 12 step recovery programs. We currently host AA, CA, HA, NA, OA, SA, and S-Anon meetings. We offer literature  and recovery items for these at our book store. Our clubhouse offers Wi-Fi, cable, computer, printer, copier and fax services to our members.

Our Mission

We engage in charitable and social welfare activities connected with the rehabilitation of individuals involved in 12 step programs and to establish, maintain and operate Club Rooms as part of such activities for recovering members and their families and provide literature and other items related to recovery.

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